Light pollution legislation (A1182-A/S4126) has been introduced for the 2013-2014 legislative session.  Please encourage your Senate and Assembly representatives to co-sponsor and vote for the passage of these bills. Click here to locate your representatives.  A handwritten letter is probably best.  But a typed letter, fax, or even an email will get a legislator’s attention as long as it seems to be an original, individual expression rather than a form letter.

In addition, four “mini-bills” dealing with light pollution have been active in the Legislature in recent years.  One of these, A5655/S4920, was enacted in 2010; this bill amends the Energy law by adding elimination of “wasteful artificial night lighting” as a matter to be included in lighting efficiency standards to conserve energy.  And in 2011 A1474/S4849 was enacted; this amends the Public Authorities law by adding to NYSERDA’s responsibilities the gathering of information on “the availability and use of the most energy efficient and environmentally sensitive outdoor lighting available for public and private uses.”

Two other mini-bills have been introduced in the Assembly for 2013.  A1072 amends the Environmental Conservation law to add “the nighttime sky” to the list of issues with which the State, as a matter of policy, should be concerned. A263 amends the Public Health law to add “health effects of artificial night light” as a matter on which the State can conduct or support research.

Might your Senator be interested in sponsoring one of these?

Prior years’ bills information here.