NYS Legislature passes light pollution bill!

The New York State Legislature has enacted 2014’s light pollution bill! S5275-B passed the Senate on June 18th, and A7489-B passed the Assembly on June 19th.

The bill will require most new/replacement outdoor lights installed by State agencies to be fully shielded. It is not as comprehensive as some bills that were considered in earlier years of this effort, and it isn’t well written. But…assuming we can persuade the Governor to sign…it’s a start and will obviously have a big impact in areas with many State roads or other facilities.

If you are as pleased with this news as SELENE is, you might convey your appreciation to our prime sponsors, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and Senator Carl Marcellino, who have fought this fight on our behalf for many years. Thanks to you both and to your stellar legislative aides as well!

Please let the Governor know that you support A7489-B/S5275-B and want him to sign it!